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Introducing the all new DiabloSport Performance Tuning Options for your 2016 Chrysler 300, Dodge Challenger, or Dodge Charger 5.7/6.4L! With industry leading HEMI tuning, no less than the highest quality is to be expected from DiableSport's engineering team when it comes to your very own Mopar! On a stock car with an added inTune or Trinity tuner, gains of 15 HP and 20 TQ were experienced! Not to mention what you will receive with these products if you have modified your vehicle! These DiabloSport Tuners will help you to adjust key vehicle parameters on your HEMI! You will be allowed to calibrate the speedometer for larger tires and gears, adjust idle RPM, dial in your throttle response, and even modify performance parameters such as timing, fueling, idle, and so much more! Don't wait! Call today to check out our latest deals!